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In his book, Gas to Liquids, Fischer-Tropsch, Advanced Energy Technology, Future's Pathway, author Peter Tijm takes a close, insider’s look at the oil and gas industry. This book is a compilation of history, data facts, experiences gathered and hear-say/gossip heard by Peter Tijm on the largest and most powerful industry in the world.

In a career of thirty plus years in the industry, Peter has had the unique opportunity to be part of the total development chain, from the inception of the idea of novel Shell GTL technology, to technology development, to the final construction of the Shell Bintulu plant in Malaysia, as well as development of the utilization of products from the new Fischer-Tropsch technology. This book is the culmination of those many years of experience, resulting in a unique perspective of the oil industry, its past, its relationship to the economy, and its future role in energy development.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Fischer-Tropsch Technology in Perspective to the Oil Industry

Chapter 3: Fischer-Tropsch Chemistry and Catalysis

Chapter 4: Fischer-Tropsch Reactor Technology

Chapter 5: Fischer-Tropsch Products, Upgrading and Characteristics

Chapter 6: Fischer-Tropsch Product Markets

Chapter 7: Environmental Considerations

Chapter 8: The Competition in the Fischer- Tropsch Industry

8.1   - Introduction
8.2   - BP
   - Chevron
8.5   - ENI-IFP
8.6   - ExxonMobil
8.7   - GAZPROM
8.8   - Headwaters
8.9   - Ivanhoe
8.10 - JOGMEC
8.11 - Oxford Catalysts
8.12 - Rentech
8.13 - PetroSA
8.14 - Sasol
8.15 - Shell
8.16 - StatoilHydro
8.17 - Syntroleum
8.15 - Williams International

Chapter 9: Economics

Chapter 10: New Technologies and R&D
Chapter 11: Overview of GTL activities per Country
Chapter 12: GTL Engineering Services  

Chapter 13: Conclusions