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About the Author

An expert on the economy of oil and industry insider, Peter J. A. Tijm is the author of Gas to Liquids, Fischer-Tropsch, Advanced Energy Technology, Future's Pathway.

Tijm is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from Delft Technical University and in Economics and Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.  He joined Shell, The Hague in The Netherlands in 1973 in an international career, which would last over 23 years with the company. During these years, he had the pleasure of seeing the energy industry from the inside in all its aspects. He also had the privilege to be part of technology development from its initiation in the laboratory to realization in, at the time, the largest reactors in the world. 

In his initial assignments, he was involved in development work, process designs and start-ups of various gas and Liquefied Natural Gas projects.

Late 1977, Peter joined the Shell Cressier, Switzerland refinery, initially as technologist, later as member of the refinery operating team.

In 1981, he joined the refinery team at Shell Gothenburg, Sweden, as refinery technologist. Later he was promoted to Chief Technologist, heading the departments of technology, data systems, laboratory, inspection, design, and project engineering.

In 1987, Tijm joined the Shell Amsterdam Laboratory as section head of R&D for synthesis gas manufacture and utilization, targeting development and commercialization of the Shell Coal Gasification and Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis processes.

Late 1989, Peter joined Shell Oil, Houston to supervise the coal gasification development program in the demonstration unit SCGP-1, Deer Park, Houston. In addition, he headed the coal gasification R & D activities in West Hollow Research Center and assisted in commercialization developments.

In 1990, he took the position as group leader, Manufacturing Development, heading the coal gasification design and development group, particularly involved with the design of the 253 MWe coal gasification plant in Buggenum, The Netherlands.

In 1992, he joined the Shell International Gas team in London, UK. As head of their Natural Gas Technology group, he was involved in R & D, safety, storage, processing, and conversion. During this period, he kept his involvement in the Shell Middle Distillate Plant in Bintulu, Malaysia.

In 1996, Peter joined Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Allentown, PA as manager of Syngas Conversion Systems. Particular emphasis was given to the development of the Air Products Liquid Phase Methanol (LPMeOH) process. This resulted in the construction and commissioning of the first LPMeOH plant at Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN.

In 2000, he accepted the position of Director for Project Development for Rentech’s proprietary iron-based Fischer-Tropsch technology.

Since 2002, he is Vice President for PV Enterprises Inc – Geology and Engineering Consultants, based in Golden, Colorado. In this function Mr. Tijm advises a variety of (international) companies on the merits of energy, technology and economics matters, particularly concerning synthetic fuels. 

Mr. Tijm is married and has two children.  He speaks eight languages, is (co) author of over 70 papers, and holder of 12 patent series.