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About the Book

With sustainable crude oil prices around $80.00 per barrel, the quest for solutions to the energy crisis is high, and the need to make countries, and particularly the U.S.A., more independent of crude oil imports and improve energy security is great.

After the Oil Crisis in 1973, production of synthetic hydrocarbons from any possible indigenous feedstock was brought to the attention of every research center in the oil and/or energy industry. In the last 4 decades we have come a long way in cost effective conversion of syn gas to liquids (GTL) !!! It has grown to advanced energy technology and shows us future's pathway.

Shell GTL plant in Bintulu, Malaysia
Shell GTL plant in Bintulu, Malaysia

With the QP/Shell Pearl project progressing to schedule for completion in 2010/11 and currently having one string of the complex under start-up, exciting times are ahead of us. It provides new driving forces, and a reason to readdress the subject of gas-to-liquids, this time in a new, expanded form and a new book. I hope you all enjoy it. This book, Gas to Liquids, Fischer-Tropsch, Advanced Energy Technology, Future's Pathway, is a compilation of history, data facts, experiences gathered, and hear-say/gossip heard by Peter Tijm on the largest and most powerful industry in the world. An industry where one single company (Exxon-Mobil ) made the largest profits in world history.   An industry in which Qatar is becoming the center of the synthetic fuels industry.  An industry which has played critical and dramatic roles in world events, from the Second World War, Pearl Harbor to the most recent Iraq Wars. An industry that plays a role in every commodity around us.

In a career of over thirty-five years in the industry, Peter has had the unique opportunity to be part of the total GTL development chain, from the inception of the idea to technology development to the final construction of the Shell Bintulu plant and the utilization of products in the Fischer-Tropsch technology. He enjoys the friendship and cooperation of many prime players in the GTL industry. Here is your chance to see the competition in the GTL industry through the eyes of an insider and learn novelties, only known to few!

Gas to Liquids, Fischer-Tropsch Advanced Energy Technology, Future's Pathway
is about the "Oil Industry of the Future" and a perspective of Tijm’s views of the future to come.
Franz Fischer
Peter J.A. Tijm
Peter J. A. Tijm
Hans Tropsch